Thursday, December 17, 2009

From Ballot Access News:

New York Finally Releases Final Figures for 23rd District Special Election December 15th, 2009
On December 15, New York state released the final and official vote totals for the special election for U.S. House in the 23rd district. The results are: William Owens, 66,548 on the Democratic line and 6,589 on the Working Families line, for a total of 73,137. Douglas Hoffman, 69,553 on the Conservative line. Dede Scozzafava, 7,260 votes on the Republican line and 1,322 on the Independence Party line, for a total of 8,582.
The Conservative Party’s share of the vote, 45.98%, was the highest for a minor party in a U.S. House race since 1949, when the Liberal Party won a special election in New York state with 50.68%.

Politicians beware as voters are in a grouchy mood.

Sen. Schumer regrets his outburst while Sen. Gillibrand made excuses!

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is wrong on this issue.

Senator Tom Coburn is right on this issue.

Health Care has been a 70 year obsession with Democrats and we should all be thankful that their obsession has not been realized. All of the recrafting of the health care bill, will not make it right.

Does this administration understand that we cannot afford to incur any more debt?

Will the WFP survive legal scrutiny?

On a lighter note, if Santa is stopping by your home this Christmas Season, you may want him to sign this.

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